Wills & Probate Matters

At HAL Solicitors we pride ourselves in offering a unique and personal service to all our clients. We understand that dealing with the loss of a loved one is difficult enough without having to handle the legal matters that follow. We will therefore assist you through the entire probate process, from the first step whether or not there is a will through to the final stage of administering the estate to beneficiaries.

What is a will?

A Will is a formal, legal document. If it is correctly written and executed, in accordance with strict rules, then it states what you want to happen to your ‘estate’ after your death. This may include your home, any savings and investments or specific items such as jewellery that you wish to leave to a particular person or for a particular purpose.

Why do I need a will?

It is important to make a Will for a variety of reasons, including if you would like to choose who inherits your assets or if you want to give specific items to children or other relatives, whether they be valuable or just of sentimental value. A Will can also be used to minimise the amount of Inheritance Tax your estate and your assets attract.

What if I die without a will?

If you die without making a valid Will then your estate is divided up according to the rules of intestacy.

These are the laws which decide how a person’s assets are shared out following their death if they have no Will. Your estate, your possessions and any savings will be distributed in a pre-determined way. This may mean that people who you wanted to benefit in this difficult time receive nothing. It may mean that your loved ones end up having to pay Inheritance Tax when this could have been avoided.

How should I make my will?

Anybody can, if they wish, write their own Will. As long as it is prepared and executed correctly, it may be sufficient to distribute your estate in accordance with your wishes.

However, the rules governing Wills are complex and, if there is a problem with the formalities of your will, it may prevent your wishes being carried out and may cause difficulties for those left to sort out your estate.

You may be considering using a will writing service, as they can sometimes be cheaper compared to instructing a qualified solicitor. However, they are not regulated in the same way as solicitors and may not have the necessary experience, qualifications or insurance.

Why choose HAL Solicitors to write your will?

At HAL Solicitors, our senior partner exclusively deals with your initial meeting, and the drafting and the execution of your Will.

You can be reassured that a solicitor with over 25 years of experience of Will drafting will ensure your Will reflects what you want to happen to your estate following your death.

You may also wish to consider asking him to assist with the distribution of your estate following your passing away; and so immediately taking away the worry and distress that can be caused by naming only a relative or friend to take on such a responsibility a difficult time. Please feel free to ask Mr Honke about this service at your initial meeting.

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